by Royal Monsters

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cover art by Aaron Maxwell


released January 26, 2011

John O'Hagan - vocals
Jeff Owens - guitar/vocals
Kellen Fortier - guitar
Jirix-Mie Paz - bass
Mark Mustacci - drums

Engineered by Joe Asselin and mastered by Grace Royse at Switchblade Sound in Tempe, AZ Feb-Jun 2010



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Royal Monsters Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Present Tense
Nothing is out there, nothing is waiting for us, nothing is all that we are, nothing is all we'll ever be.
Gasping for air, I rip open my eyes. Kicking harder and harder, the surface still fades away.
The Oni laugh, and laugh, and laugh, releasing floods with every bellow. Water rushing through, with resolution, to where it once called home. This dark river that flows through us all coalesces from raging against the shore lines. And gently lapping at its feet, we all attempt to control the ebbs and flows of this pitch black estuary.
We are nothing now, gold-plated kiriko, just fucking deep sea bound.
Track Name: Again & Again & Again
Our heads filled up with torturous thoughts of love lost to endlessly spending our days searching the wells for worms bound by a thousand threads.
We've given up our nights to drag these haunted waters.
Our fucking lives spent in transformation, settled into shapeshifting, pale, featureless faces that reach for miles.
Unwilling to see, we gouge at our eyes. Unwilling to hear, we scream at the top of our lungs, (silently) unaware of our own handicap, unaware we are apparitions to those around us, unaware we pass through this place endlessly.
Track Name: Still Reeling
And here we are, still reeling from a crushing emptiness so deep, so blue, so grey.
And none of us can pass through this night in solid form. We dissipate, with each footprint, into wisps of fog on the freezing shore.
And we sink into these waters, these haunted waters, to spread ourselves across the oceans of this floating world, knowing we won't have the chance to step on solid ground again.
Track Name: No Surprise Endings Here
There is no hope left that things are going to change, that we ever stood a fucking chance. There is no hope left that love will save anything.
Hopeless. We're all so fucking hopeless.